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Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Have you noticed your pet starting to slow down in the colder months?

Arthritis is a very common condition affecting dogs and cats. It is estimated that between 30-50% of small animals will develop arthritis at some point in the life.

Arthritis is characterised by inflammation within the joints and degeneration of the cartilage lining the joint surfaces.

Arthritis is a painful condition, however signs of arthritis can often be subtle as animals are great at hiding pain. Signs to keep an eye out for include:

  • Slowing down during walks, or trouble getting up and trouble jumping
  • Limping
  • Yelping in pain or licking at particular joints
  • Muscle wasting around the affected leg

There are numerous treatments that can help keep your pet comfortable.

Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medication will help reduce pain and reduce the inflammation within the affected joints.

Zydax (Pentosan Polysulfate) can also help animals with arthritis by lubricating the joint surfaces, helping with new cartilage production and minimising destructive enzymes within the joint. This is an injection administered by your Veterinarian once a week for 4 weeks and the course of injections can be boosted every 6 months.

There are numerous joint/dietary supplements that can be given to help your animal with arthritis. Examples of these include 4 Cyte which contains green lipped mussel and Glyde Chews containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Keeping your pets lean can also help by minimising the pressure placed on joints and helping with their mobility. Also ensuring that there is plenty of soft bedding around the home will help keep your pet’s joints comfortable. Regular, controlled exercise can also help keep the muscles strong surrounding the joints.

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Dr Andrew Slade