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Meet the Team

Hello and welcome! This is where you can find out a bit more about our team.

Our hospital was founded in 1983 by Dr Gary Boston, who established its reputation as a caring, honest, and first-class veterinary hospital right from the beginning. Dr Margot Horder joined him in 1994 before becoming a partner owner with him in 2000. Our hospital entered a new era in 2015 when Dr Lewis Hunt and Dr Caroline Wood, both of whom were working at the clinic and well established in local life, took over ownership. Dr Gary & Dr Margot have since retired from the practice, though Dr Margot is the onsite volunteer veterinarian for Sydney Wildlife, so she is hardly relaxing! Please check out a detailed description of our staff members below.

We also host veterinary nurse students as volunteers who require work experience for their qualifications, and veterinary medicine students from multiple universities. It’s another small way we can give back to the veterinary community and support the locals involved in the day to day care of all animals.

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