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& Check-ups

We are happy to see all our patients for consultations and health checks, no matter how small the concern may seem to you, and also welcome second opinion consultations. Remember – it is aways better to have one of our vets examine something you’re concerned about, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant it may be, just in case it is the beginning or an indicator of something more serious. It is better for your peace of mind and better for your pet!


Vaccinations & Microchipping

We vaccinate, microchip, and dispense parasite prevention medication to all our patients and tailor an individual program to meet your pet’s needs.


Desexing Surgeries

We desex male and female dogs, cats, rabbits, and male rats. There are many advantages to desexing your pet, both mentally and for their physical health, so if you are not going to breed from your pet we highly recommend desexing at a young age (less than one year old) when the procedure is less risky and so they can receive the maximum benefits. We also desex older animals at any time as long as they are otherwise healthy.


Dental Care

We perform many dental checks and dental procedures under anaesthetic – sometimes up to ten per week! Some animals require just a scale and polish of their teeth, while others require removal of wobbly or painful teeth to make them more comfortable and to reduce the risk of root infections. All our dentals receive a pre-dental health check (including a blood test), a general anaesthetic, dental radiographs, intravenous fluid therapy, and long-lasting pain relief; local nerve blocks are used when teeth are removed.


Emergency Care

We are associated with NEVS, the Northside Emergency Vet Services team, located in Terrey Hills.  Should you have a problem with your pet out of hours, or if your pet needs 24/7 veterinary care, you can take them to NEVS for initial care and they will be transferred back to us when they are more stable and able to be discharged from ICU (but still require some veterinary attention and TLC).

Please check out their website here.


House Calls

Whether you would prefer a house call because your pet becomes stressed or aggressive outside their comfort zone, or your pet is difficult to transport, we are always happy to schedule house calls throughout our day to benefit both you and your little (or big!) one. Please note that this especially applies when the time comes for euthanasia – we endeavour to do everything we can to minimise the difficulty and maximise your comfort during such an emotional time, and house calls are often a good way to assist with this.



As of June 2016 we also have our very own ultrasound unit in-house to perform ultrasounds quickly on bladders, kidneys, livers, spleens, heart, and to assess for unusual fluid in the chest or abdomen. We also are fortunate to have the speedy services of local specialists Dr Dave Collins and Dr Anna Dengate who often visit our clinic and perform specialist ultrasounds for more complicated cases.



All our veterinarians are experienced surgeons, with Dr Lewis in particular having a passion for orthopaedic surgeries, abdominal surgeries, and lump removals. For those cases when a specialist is required we have a visiting specialist, Dr Eugene Buffa, who visits us frequently to perform all sorts of complicated orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries at our clinic.



With our state of the art digital radiology (x-ray) unit, we can gain invaluable diagnostic information both of bones and soft tissue structures (such as abdominal organs) at any time right on site and interpret it in real time. For complicated or pre-surgery radiographs we are also able to email them across to our associated specialists for their expert advice at no extra charge.


Cat Grooming

Living on the Northern Beaches, where the sun shines bright and paralysis ticks are rife, we clip many of our feline patients during the warmer months to help them manage the heat and assist their owners in finding paralysis ticks. Clipping older cats can have many additional benefits, such as reducing the amount of fur swallowed, and assisting with grooming when arthritis or an ageing coat may make it more difficult. When we do our lion clips (our standard cat clip) we utilise general anaesthesia with intravenous fluid therapy. We also use Doppler blood pressure monitoring in more fragile or older patients to ensure optimal blood pressures are maintained to protect their invaluable kidneys. It is a common misconception that general anaesthesia poses more risks than sedation, but actually it is the other way around – the depth of sedation required to clip a cat is generally too deep to be safe for the time required. General anaesthesia can be gently titrated to deliver the smallest drug quantity required to keep your cat asleep whilst supplying a high oxygen concentration straight to their lungs. The cost of a lion clip under general anaesthesia is a flat rate of $242.


Titre Testing

As part of our customised vaccination programs, we offer titre testing for the core vaccine viruses for dogs and cats. This allows our vets to assess the requirement for vaccination in those pets who may be at greater risk of adverse reactions to vaccines, and to tailor a vaccine program to suit both you and your pet.